Abstract Submission for all ASPO 2020 events will Open Soon!

ASPO Annual Meeting at COSM – April 24-26, 2020
ASPO Summer Meeting – July 19-22, 2020

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Click here to review the 2020 Abstract Submission Guidelines. Please review the abstract guidelines, as well as instructions and details below prior to beginning your submission. If you have any questions or need clarification, please contact the ASPO Administrator at aspo@facs.org.

Submission Process – Please Read!

All Abstracts and Mini-Seminar proposals for both the ASPO Annual Meeting and the ASPO Summer Meeting will be collected via the same abstract system. 
•    Authors will have one user account for the submission system. 
•    There are separate links for submitting an Abstract or a Mini-Seminar; links are available below. 
•    Authors should designate the meeting(s) they wish to be considered for during the submission process, and adhere to the submission deadlines listed below.

Please note: Gender and Professional Rank of participants will be collected during the submission process. The diversity of Mini-Seminar participants, including but not limited to gender, race/ethnicity, and professional rank, will be considered by the Program Committee during the review process.

Submission Deadlines and Notification Dates: 
All deadlines occur at 11:59pm PST. The full site will remain open through February 6, 2019, however, even though the system does not close, abstracts intended for the Annual Meeting must be submitted by the deadline dates below, no exceptions. 

October 17, 2019        Annual and Summer Meeting Mini-Seminars (Notification by December, 2019)
November 11, 2019    Annual Meeting Abstracts (Notification by February, 2020)
January 9, 2020 Summer Meeting Abstracts (Notification by March, 2020)
March 1, 2020           Videos (Both Annual and Summer Meetings, Notification by April, 2020)

Suggested Topics:
The ASPO Program Committee has reviewed past programs, evaluation feedback, and current topics in the field to develop a list of suggested topics. Please note: These are only suggestions from last years survey. All ideas will be considered.

Click here to review the Suggested Topics.

Suggested Mini Seminar Topics:

Best Evidence and collaborative management/treatment : Chronic cough – updates and advances.
Best Evidence and collaborative management/treatment: Pediatric Laryngopharyngeal Reflux
Best Evidence and collaborative management/treatment: Headache and dizziness, tinnitus, PVCD
Physical manifestations of mental health that present in otolaryngology and management
Early intervention to healthcare: Barriers to early intervention, long term benefit; examples include hearing loss, sleep disordered breathing, vascular anomalies.  
Genomics & precision medicine to screen for, prevent and treat certain diseases
Collaboration between systems/different children’s hospitals in the treatment and management of pediatric ENT disease 
The role of machine learning (artificial intelligence) in patient care
Practical applications of 3D printing Surgical models, bio printing. How to do it, what to purchase, who to enlist, resources for collaboration

Submission Links:
Mini-Seminar Proposals
Abstract Submissions (includes Podium, Quickshot, and Poster)
Video Submissions
Ask the Expert

Financial Disclosure Policy:

The ASPO Board has approved the following policy relative to financial disclosures:         

It is the goal of ASPO to promote scientific integrity and transparency.  Authors who fail to disclose conflicts of interest in the submission form, acceptance email and/or presentation, will be censured at the discretion of the ASPO board. All authors will be considered equally responsible.

Disclosure forms are being collected electronically for all submissions. Click here to download the ASPO Disclosure Form for completion.