St. Louis Children’s Hospital

Director: David Molter, MD

Pediatric Otolaryngology
St Louis Children’s Hospital
Suite 3S35
One Children’s Place
St. Louis, MO 63110

(314) 454-2136 Academic Office

  • Duration of Fellowship: 1 or 2 years (recently most often 1)
  • # Fellows per Year: One
  • University Affiliation: Washington University School of Medicine
  • Licensing Requirement: Missouri Licensure Required
  • Appointment Level: Fellow/Instructor, Department of Otolaryngology, Washington University
  • Operating Privileges: Supervised by staff, some independence in the second half
  • Clinic Responsibilities: Both outpatient and inpatient clinical, as well as OR
  • Operative Experience: Broad spectrum of pediatric otolaryngology/otology cases with emphasis on cochlear implants, endoscopic surgery, and airway abnormalities
  • Research: Clinical research supported, if 2 year then more research expected
  • Resident Supervision: Yes
  • Case Load: Approximately 2800 surgical cases and 14,000 outpatient visits annually within the department
  • Benefits: Medical and liability insurance, travel
  • Salary: Appropriate for PGY level
  • Deadline for application: April 1st
  • Additional information:  Active participation in the cleft and craniofacial team, ventilator dependent team, vascular concerns team, and Down syndrome team

Stanford University

Director: Anna Messner MD

The Division of Pediatric Otolaryngology
Stanford University School of Medicine
Lucille Packard Children’s Hopsital at Stanford
801 Welch Rd.
Palo Alto,CA 94305

Phone: 650-725-6500 FAX: 650-725-6685

  • Application Deadline: March 1st, 2013
  • Start Date: July 1, 2013
  • Program Duration: 1 year
  • Salary Range: PGY VI or VII
  • Licensing Requirements: California License, USMLE Step I-III or Canadian Licensing Exam.
  • Accreditation: Application for ACGME accreditation submitted. 
  • Fellows/Positions per year: 1
  • Resident Supervision: Yes
  • Operative Experience: Full spectrum of pediatric otolaryngology with emphasis on complex airway management, pediatric head and neck surgery, otology, microtia repair, cochlear implantation, neonatal otolaryngology and rhinosinusitis.
  • Clinic Responsibilities: running the pediatric otolaryngology service
  • Research: Clinical or basic science research. Dedicated time available (approximately 1 day/week).
  • Case Load: 6000 clinic visits and 1800 cases/year.
  • Call Responsibilities:  Back-up of residents (with attending back-up) approximately every 3rd week
  • Benefits: Per Stanford University Medical Center policy.
  • Additional information: The fellowship is centered at Lucile Packard Children’s Hospital at Stanford where the fellow will be in charge of the inpatient and consult services. He/she will be responsible for two case review conferences each month, 1 grand round presentation during the year, and participate in the resident education program. He/she will be actively involved in all upper level pediatric otolaryngology cases. Optional rotations with other related services are available. Funds for meeting attendance are available.
  • Application procedure: Please send email indicating interest then go to the SF match website to download the application.  Send application with attached CV to Anna Messner, MD.  Three letters of recommendation will be needed.We are participating in the fellowship match. Please register with in order to complete your application process.



The Children’s Hospital of Alabama

Director:  Audie L. Woolley, M.D.
1940 Elmer Bissell Road
Birmingham, AL  35243
Phone: 205-824-4949
Fax: 205-824-4983
  • Application deadline: March 1st
  • Starting date: July 1st
  • Duration of fellowship: one year
  • Number of fellows per year: one
  • University affiliation: University of Alabama Birmingham
  • Eligibility: Individuals must have completed an ACGME or Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada accredited Otolaryngology residency and are eligible by the American Board of Otolaryngology. Alabama State license also required.
  • Case load: 13,000 patient encounters each year through clinic and yearly 5000 operative cases are performed.
  • Operative experience: Wide exposure to pediatric otolaryngology problems with emphasis on cochlear implant experience, pediatric airway problems, head and neck surgery, complex otologic surgery including BAHA, microtia repair, endoscopic sinus surgery, evaluation and surgical treatment of velopharyngeal insufficiency, and cleft palate repair.
  • Benefits: medical, dental, liability, life, travel stipend and disability insurance.
  • Salary: competitive.
  • Additional information: this is a extremely busy clinical fellowship which encompasses all aspects of pediatric otolaryngology with a strong emphasis on pediatric cochlear implantation. The fellow will be expected to attend all major cases and participate in daily rounds, manage the consult service, attend teaching sessions, and participate in weekly conferences. In addition two peer reviewed papers will be expected and submitted for publication during that year.
  • Application procedure: Letter of intent, CV, letter of recommendation from Program Director, and two other letters of reference.
    Please download the unified application form:,


The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia

Program Director:

Ralph F. Wetmore, M.D.
The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia
Richard D. Wood Center, First Floor
34th Street and Civic Center Boulevard
Philadelphia, PA  19104-4399


Program Coordinator:

Beth Ann B. McCullough
Children’s Surgical Associates, Ltd.
34th St. & Civic Center Blvd., 1 Wood
Division of Pediatric Otolaryngology
Philadelphia, PA  19104

215-590-1582; fax:  215-590-3986

  • Operating Privileges: Staffing required
  • Clinic Responsibilities: Separate clinic
  • Operative Experience: Extensive exposure to all aspects of pediatric otolaryngological surgery with emphasis upon otology, endoscopic sinus surgery, bronchoesophagology, and laryngeal reconstruction.
  • Research: Opportunities are available to participate in clinical and basic science research projects.
  • Resident Supervision: Yes
  • Case Load: Total departmental cases include 8000+ operative cases and approximately 34,000 outpatient office visits per year.
  • Call Responsibilities: Shared
  • Benefits: Medical and dental insurance.
  • Salary:  appropriate for PGY level.
  • Application:

Additional Information:

  • Application Deadline: December 31
  • Start Date: July 1
  • Program Duration: One or Two Years
  • Accreditation: Yes
  • Fellows/Positions per year: Two

Please include the following with your application and mail all to program coordinator.

  1. CV
  2. Match #
  3. Three reference letters addressed to Dr. Ralph Wetmore
  4. MD license copy, if applicable
  5. Exam score report copies (USLME Steps I-III, FLEX Parts I-III, NBME Parts I-III or ECFMG equivalent)
  6. Photo (optional but very helpful)


Toronto Hospital for Sick Children

Director: Evan Propst, MD

Hospital for Sick Children
555 University Avenue
6th Floor, Burton Wing
Toronto, Ontario Canada M5G 1X8

Phone: 416-813-4938
Fax: 416-813-5036

  • Application Deadline: January 31
  • Starting Date: July 1 of the following year
  • Duration of Fellowship: 2 years
  • # of Fellows per Year: one
  • University Affiliation: University of Toronto
  • Licensing Requirement: Educational
  • Appointment Level: Fellow
  • Operating Privileges: Staffing required
  • Clinic Responsibilities: Personal clinic and participation in special interest clinics, such as cleft palate
  • Operative Experience: All types of cases seen
  • Research: First six months to twelve months
  • Resident Supervision: Yes
  • Case Load: Total department figures are 12,000 outpatient visits and 2,500 cases per year
  • Benefits: Liability insurance paid, funding for meetings/courses, four weeks vacation per year.
  • Additional Information: One fellow is selected annually for this two year fellowship. the clinical fellow is responsible for consultations, neonatal airway management input to neonatology and all cases evolving from above. The fellow will also be expected to attend all major cases unique to pediatric otolaryngology, participate in teaching sessions (endoscopy, temporal bone lab, undergraduate lectures), daily rounds, weekly service rounds and weekly staff teaching rounds.
  • Application Procedure: Applications are submitted through the central application service of the San Francisco Match ( Interviews will be held in the spring preceding the year of the fellowship.



University of California, Davis, Medical Center, Sacramento, CA

Director: Craig Senders, MD, FACS


Director, Cleft and Craniofacial Program

Director, Pediatric Otolaryngology Fellowship Program


UC Davis Health System

Department of Otolaryngology

2521 Stockton Blvd., Suite 7200

Sacramento, CA 95817

Phone:  916-734-2801    

Fax:  916-703-5011


Fellowship Coordinator: Suzanne McInish

Phone:  916-734-8064



  • Application Deadline: Please see SF Match website for details at
  • Starting Date:  July 1st
  • Duration of Fellowship:  1 year with an option for a 2nd year of research 
  • Number of Fellows per Year:  One   
  • University Affiliation:  University of California, Davis, School of Medicine
  • Eligibility:  Individuals much have completed an ACGME accredited Otolaryngology residency and are eligible or certified by the American Board of Otolaryngology.  California medical license is also required.
  • Case Load:  The Otolaryngology department sees over 19,500 patients in our clinic each year, and this does not include inpatient encounters.  Yearly, over 2,700 operative cases are performed by our faculty, fellows and residents.
  • Specialty Clinics:  Cleft and Craniofacial, Plagiocephaly, Airway/Dysphagia and Trach Clinic.
  • Conferences:  Fellows participate in monthly Journal Club, monthly Pediatric Otolaryngology Conferences, monthly Plagiocephaly, biweekly Cleft and Craniofacial conferences, weekly Grand Rounds and monthly Morbidity and Mortality conferences.
  • Call Responsibility/Resident Supervision:  Approximately 4 – 7 days a month.
  • Salary:  Competitive. Pay based on U.C. post graduate scale VI. See website for more details.
  • Benefits:  Medical, dental and liability insurance, twenty-four days vacation and twelve days sick leave, per fiscal year.
  • To Apply:  Please apply at the SF Match website



University of Iowa

Director: Richard J.H. Smith, MD

Department of Otolaryngology – Head and Neck Surgery
University of Iowa Hospitals and Clinics, E230 GH
200 Hawkins Drive
Iowa City, Iowa 52242

Phone: 319-356-3612

  • Application Deadline: January
  • Starting Date: July 1
  • Duration of Fellowship: 2 years
  • # Fellows per Year: One
  • University Affiliation: University of Iowa
  • Licensing Requirement: Iowa license required
  • Appointment Level: Fellow Associate within the Department of Otolaryngology – Head and Neck Surgery
  • Operating Privileges: Yes
  • Operative Experience: Entire spectrum of pediatric problems, with emphasis on airway, bronchoesophagology, otology and sinus endoscopy. Experience with cleft cases.
  • Research: Required
  • Resident Supervision: Yes
  • Case Load: Extensive
  • Call Responsibilities: Rotates with Department of Otolaryngology – Head and Neck Surgery staff
  • Benefits: University of Iowa Fellow Associate, medical dental and malpractice insurance
  • Salary: PGY 6, 7
  • Additional Information: This is an intensive two-year fellowship in Pediatric Otolaryngology. 50% of the time is devoted to clinical activities and 50% to research. Clinical activities include the entire spectrum of Pediatric Otolaryngology ranging from cochlear implantation to cleft surgery. Research opportunities are available in molecular genetics, cochlear implantation and cleft surgery.


University of Michigan Medical Center, Ann Arbor, Michigan





Director: Marci M. Lesperance, MD, FACS, FAAP
C. S. Mott Children’s Hospital
Department of Otolaryngology-Head and Neck Surgery
1540 East Hospital Drive
Ann Arbor, MI 48109-4241
Phone: 734 936-4934
Fax: 734 763-7802




  • Application Deadline: February 1
  • Starting Date: July 1
  • Duration of Fellowship: One year with optional 2nd year of research
  • Number of Fellows per Year: One
  • Accreditation: No
  • University Affiliation: University of Michigan Medical School
  • Eligibility: Completion of ACGME or Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada accredited Otolaryngology residency.  Eligible or certified by the American Board of Otolaryngology. Michigan medical license required.
  • Case Load: Pediatric Otolaryngology has over 5,000 patient encounters each year (includes outpatient and inpatient visits).  Over 1800 operative cases are performed annually including airway reconstruction, cochlear implantation, BAHA, chronic ear surgery, head and neck tumors, and rhinology.
  • Specialty Clinics: Airway and Voice clinics, Pediatric Genetics clinics, Skull Base Clinic
  • Conferences/Didactics: Weekly pediatric otolaryngology conferences, weekly grand rounds; monthly morbidity and mortality conferences and Vascular Anomalies Conference; quarterly pathology conferences and Airway Journal club (with PICU and anesthesiology).
  • Research Year: Optional year, funded by T32 grant, can take place either before or after clinical fellowship. See
  • Call Responsibility/Resident supervision: Attending call, approximately 6 weeks/year
  • Salary: Commensurate with house officer rank.
  • Benefits: Full University benefits
  • Application Form: Please download the unified application form
Other Requirements: Three letters of recommendation, curriculum vitae, personal statement.
Send Application to:
Marci M. Lesperance, MD
1540 East Hospital Drive
Ann Arbor, Michigan 48109-4241



Advanced Research Training in Otolaryngology Program

Post-Residency Research Fellowships


July 1, 2012-June 30, 2013

July 1, 2013-June 30, 2014


The Department of Otolaryngology-Head & Neck Surgery is currently seeking candidates for one-year research training fellowships in Otolaryngology. This program has provided research training with internationally recognized faculty for over 20 years. One position is available per year and is renewable.

Must be a U.S. citizen or permanent resident holding a green card.


Marci M. Lesperance, MD, FACS, FAAP

Training Grant Program Director

CW 5-702

1540 E. Hospital Drive

Ann Arbor, MI 48l09-4241

(734) 936-4934

Fax (734) 763-7802




University of North Carolina – Chapel Hill


Director:  Carlton J. Zdanski, MD

Contacts:  Dawn Wilson, Administrative Assistant

University of North Carolina – Chapel Hill

Department of Otolaryngology – Head and Neck Surgery


Chapel Hill, NC  27599


Phone:  919-966-3342

Fax:  919-966-7941

Email:  Dr. Zdanski: or


  • Application Deadline:   January 10, 2014
  • Interview Date:  Pending
  • Starting Date:  July 1, 2015 – June 30, 2016
  • Duration of Fellowship: 1 year
  • University Affiliation:  University of North Carolina.
  • Licensing Requirement:  NC Licensure Required.
  • Appointment Level:  Fellow - Department of Otolaryngology, University of North Carolina
  • Operating Privileges:  Yes – full attending privileges.
  • Clinic Responsibilities:  Weekly fellow clinic, and instructing residents in general clinics. 
  • Operative Experience:  Entire spectrum of pediatric otolaryngology including airway reconstruction, pediatric otology including cochlea implantation, vascular malformations, endoscopic sinus surgery, and rotations in craniofacial surgery with Pediatric Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery, cleft palate and VPI surgery, microtia reconstruction, pediatric head and neck surgery, and transoral robotic surgery.
  • Research:  Clinical and basic science opportunities available. 
  • Resident Supervision:  Yes. 
  • Case Load:  Approximately 2,500 operative cases per year.
  • Benefits:  Medical, liability, life and disability insurance, travel and educational expenses. 
  • Additional Information:  The University is home to a free-standing Children’s Hospital, The NC Children’s Airway Center, Craniofacial Center and Pediatric Cochlear Implant Program.  There are opportunities for research as well as rotations in pediatric anesthesia, pediatric pulmonary medicine and craniofacial surgery. 
  • Application Procedure:  Please send hard copy cover letter, CV or Resume, and at least 2 letters of reference to: 

Carlton J. Zdanski, MD

Director, Pediatric Otolaryngology Fellowship Program

Dept. of Otolaryngology – Head & Neck Surgery, CB#7070

University of North Carolina School of Medicine

Chapel Hill, NC  27599-7070


Candidates must also register with the San Francisco Matching Program –


University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center

Director:  Romaine F. Johnson, MD

Contacts:  Sherry Weber, Fellowship Program Coordinator

    Phyllis White, Senior Administrative Assistant

Children’s Medical Center of Dallas

Department of Otolaryngology – Head and Neck Surgery, F6.203
Dallas, TX 75207

Phone:  214-648-2964 – Sherry Weber

            214-456-2114 – Phyllis White

Fax:     214-648-9122 – Sherry Weber

            214-456-7644 – Phyllis White




•   Application Deadline:   January 15, 2014

•   Interview Date:  April 2, 2014

•   Starting Date: July 1, 2015 – June 30, 2016

•   Duration of Fellowship: 1 year.

•   University Affiliation:  UT Southwestern.

•   Licensing Requirement:  Texas License can be either Training Permit or Full Texas License.

•   Appointment Level:  Fellow - Department of Otolaryngology, University of Texas UT Southwestern

•   Operating Privileges:  Yes

•   Operative Experience:  Entire spectrum of pediatric otolaryngology including airway reconstruction, sleep, otology, cochlear implants, vascular lesions, endoscopic sinus surgery and rotations in craniofacial surgery with plastic and reconstructive surgery.

•   Research:  Clinical and basic science opportunities available.  

•   Resident Supervision:  Yes.  

•   Case Load:  Approximately 4,000 operative cases per year.

•   Benefits:  Medical, liability, life and disability insurance, travel and educational expenses.  

•   Additional Information:  Ten Pediatric Faculty; The University is home to a free-standing Children’s Hospital, Pediatric Airway Center, FEES, Voice, Cochlear Implants, and Craniofacial Program.  There would also be opportunities for research as well as rotations in pediatric anesthesia, pediatric pulmonary medicine and craniofacial surgery.

Application Procedure: Entire application should be submitted to San Francisco Matching Program –

Romaine F. Johnson, MD

 Director, Pediatric Otolaryngology Fellowship Program

Children’s Medical Center of Dallas

2350 N. Stemmons Freeway, F6.203

Dallas, TX 75207


University of Utah


Director: Harlan Muntz, MD, FAAP, FACS


Primary Children’s Medical Center


100 N. Mario Cappechi Drive

Salt Lake City, UT 84113


Application Target Date: January 15th, 2013

Interview date: March 12, 2013


Duration of Fellowship: One Year


Number of fellows per year: One


Accreditation: In process to become ACGME


University Affiliation: University of Utah


Eligibility: Individuals must have completed an ACGME or Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada accredited Otolaryngology residency and be eligible or certified by the American Board of Otolaryngology. Utah license will be required


Case load: Nearly 4000 operative cases per year


Specialty clinics: Cleft-Craniofacial, Aerodigestive, Trach-Vent, Hearing assessment, Cochlear implant, FEES/Voice


Conferences/Didactics: Many conferences will be held with the University Otolaryngology Residents. Additional conferences include: Vascular Anomalies Conference, Pediatric Radiology Conference, Interesting Case Conference.


Research: Research will be expected and time will be afforded to make certain the fellow may pursue basic science, clinical or translational research as possible


Call responsibility: Please call Dr. Muntz at 801-662-5666


Salary: Competitive


Benefits: Liability through University of Utah , medical and dental insurance available


Application: Through SF Match – Uniform Application Form





Vanderbilt University Medical Center

Fellowship Director:  Steven Goudy, M.D.

Phone 615-343-0662 


Fellowship Coordinator: Betty Warner, C-TAGME

Phone:  615-343-6972

Department of Otolaryngology
1215 21st Ave South, Suite 7209

Medical Center East-South Tower
Nashville, TN 37232

  • Application Deadline: January 15
  • Start Date: July 1st
  • Duration of Fellowship: 1 year clinical with optional second year (1st year clinical/2nd year research) 1 fellow per year
  • 4 options for the [optional] second year:
  1. MPH during the 2nd year
  2. MSCi during the 2nd year
  3. International mission work 2nd year
  4. Basic science 2nd year clinical
  • Appointment Level: Fellow, non-faculty
  • Licensing Requirement: In accordance with Tennessee Code Annotated Section 63-6-201, the Tennessee Board of Medical Examiners exempts residents and fellows in training programs from the requirement of a Tennessee medical license.
  • Eligibility Criteria:  Prior to appointment in the program, fellows must have successfully completed an otolaryngology residency accredited by the ACGME, or an otolaryngology residency located in Canada and accredited by the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada
  • University Affiliation: Vanderbilt University
  • Benefits: Standard salary and benefits commensurate with PGY level 6 (Vanderbilt was ranked in top 100 companies for whom to work)
  • Operative Privileges: Yes
  • Operative Experience: 7 active pediatric ENT staff.  Breadth and depth of pediatric ENT cases including cleft lip/palate, microtia, vascular malformations, VPI surgery, airway reconstruction, congenital and chronic ear disease including cochlear implant,  sinus surgery, and head and neck masses.  Opportunities to participate in international mission work.
  • Research: Completion of at least one publication-quality project each year of fellowship
  • Responsibility: Resident supervision, inpatient consults, participate in call schedule, and preparation for Airway/Swallowing clinic, Vascular malformation clinic, VPI/Cleft Clinic, Cochlear implant team.
  • To Apply: 3 letters of reference (one from the program director), CV, personal statement and application through
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