ASPO 2014 Spring Meeting Poster Guidelines

ASPO Posters will be displayed at COSM both Friday and Saturday, May 16 & 17 in the Octavius Ballroom. All posters must be hung by 9:00 A.M. on Friday, May 16th.  There will be a combined poster reception which is mandatory for poster presenters to attend on Friday, May 16, 2014 from 5:30-7:30pm. 

COSM partners with Genigraphics for poster session services. Attached you will find the poster instructions, guidelines, and pricing for your review. Important things to remember are:

  • All posters will be available electronically both onsite and well as after the meeting therefore, submission of all posters electronically is mandatory. Submission is free of charge and must be submitted no later than 1pm CST on Monday, May 12th.
  • In addition to the electronic poster, all presenters are required to display a printed poster at the meeting. Posters must be no larger than 44” tall by 44” wide.  You can arrange your own printing or have your poster printed through Genigraphics.
  • Please see the attached instructions for specifics regarding hanging, display, and removal of posters.
  • Posters must meet the guidelines outlined in the attachment, for more information please visit:

Poster Removal: Sunday May 18th, no later than by 12:00 p.m.
Poster Tube Storage: TBD

 **Poster’s that have not been removed by the designated time stated above will be stored in the “Poster Tube Storage Area” until 12:00 pm on Sunday, May 18. Any posters not retrieved from the “Poster Tube Storage Area” by 5:00 pm on Sunday, May 18 will be discarded.