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The ASPO Board has unanimously pledged support to the ASPO “Sustaining Our Future” Campaign.  With the leadership of recent ASPO Presidents (Joseph Kerschner, Bob Ward, Richard Rosenfeld, Marci Lesperance, Kenny Chan, Harlan Muntz), this campaign has been an organizational priority.  Our members have already donated over $250,000 to this critical campaign.  But, there is still enormous room for growth as we look to the future of our society.

With over $1,000,000 in our endowment, we have come a long way since the last major ASPO fund-raising campaign, the Legacy Campaign, which was 10 years ago. But we are still far behind many of the senior societies. You may rightly ask, what will this increased endowment be used for? There are many needs for our growing Society.

  • A robust endowment allows us to enhance our impact on child health through educational programs, advocacy, additional grants, investigator support, and other training initiatives.
  • Importantly, these additional monies will also be used to promote pediatric otolaryngology as a specialty, to support young students and residents in ways that will encourage their interest in our specialty and in outreach opportunities to our international colleagues.
  • These activities will enhance the viability of our specialty and will be important for providing all of us with colleagues to fill our shoes locally and around the globe.
  • Finally, ASPO needs to have a central role in supporting clinical effectiveness activities, quality initiatives, the development of databases and guidelines to support the excellent clinical work of our members. This will become increasingly important in the future health care environment.

All of this requires not only an investment of the time and talent of our membership, which has always been, and will continue to be, our greatest asset. But it also requires a financial investment which can only be achieved by an improved endowment. I hope you will agree with me that these activities are essential to Sustain Our Future.

I thank you for taking the time to read about the Sustaining Our Future Campaign.  Please feel free to contact me directly if I can provide you with any additional information to help you with making a pledge or if you’d like to learn more about naming opportunities in the Society.  Below is a list of many ASPO members who have already donated to our Campaign.

Thank you for Sustaining Our Future!

Sanjay R. Parikh, MD
Chair, ASPO Development Committee

American Society of
Pediatric Otolaryngology
Sustaining Our Future Donor List

Platinum ($50,000+)

Joseph Kerschner, Richard Rosenfeld, & Brian Wiatrak

Diamond ($10,000+)

John & Lynn Nowlin; Children’s Hospital-Boston (Manali Amin, Michael Cunningham, Dwight Jones, Margaret Kenna, Greg Licameli, Trevor McGill, Roger Nuss, Laurie Ohlms, Reza Rahbar, David Roberson, Mark Volk)

Gold ($5,000+)

Harvey Coates, Marci Lesperance, Blake Papsin,& Children’s Hospital Colorado (Gregory Allen, Kenny Chan, Norman Friedman, Peggy Kelley, Jeremy Prager, Melissa Scholes, Sven Streubel, Todd Wine, Patricia Yoon)

Silver ($2,500+)

Diego Preciado, Anna Messner, Pediatric Otolaryngology (Thomas Andrews, Wade Cressman, Peter Orobello, Jr.)

Bronze ($1,000+)

Cuneyt Alper, Ellis Arjmand, James Arnold, Margaretha Casselbrant, Craig Derkay, Lianne deSerres, Newton Duncan, Randall & Lisa Etzwiler, James Forsen, Carla Giannoni, Nira Goldstein, Ian Jacobs, Romaine Johnson, Jacqueline Jones, Peter Koltai, Fred Kozak, Paul Krakovitz, Carol MacArthur, Scott McMurray, Anna Messner, Ronald Mitchell, Henry Ou, Nooshin Parhizkar, Sanjay Parikh, Maria Pena, William Potsic, Brian Reilly, James Reilly, Kristina Rosbe, Michael Rothschild, Michael Rutter, Nina Shapiro, Kathleen Sie, Steven Sobol, Julie Wei, Ralph Wetmore, Ayal Willner, J. Paul Willging, Robert Yellon, Nina Yoshpe.


Samantha Anne, Mark Boseley, Emily Boss, Linda Brodsky, David Brown, Karla Brown, Farrel Buchinsky, Daniela Carvalho, Kay Chang, David Chi, Children’s Memorial Hospital (Kathleen Billings, Stephen Hoff, Lauren Hollinger, Jonathan Ida, John Maddalozzo, Jeff Rastatter, James Schroeder, Jr., Nancy Young), Robert Chun, Stephen Conley, David Darrow, Allison Dobbie, Lisa Elden, Ravi Elluru, Valerie Flanary, Vito Forte, Mark Gerber, Nira Goldstein, Steven Goudy, Lindhe Guarisco, Steven Handler, Joseph Haddad, Steven Handler, Christopher Hartnick, Cecilia Helwig, Karin Hotchkiss, Glenn Isaacson, John Jones, Judith Lieu, Meredith Lind, Deepak Mehta, Abby Meyer, David Molter, Charles Myer, Seth Pransky, Gresham Richter, Kimsey Rodriguez, Soham Roy, Scott Schoem, Scott Schraff, Allan Seid, Udayan Shah, Andrew Shapiro, Tania Sih, Jeffrey Simons, Zorik Spektor, Cecile Sulman, Dana Suskind, James Thomsen on behalf of the 2015 Membership Committee, Marc Throne, Lawrence Tom, David Tunkel, Bob Ward, David White, Carlton Zdanski